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I work in support of UK higher education as a educational technologist. I do some designing, some editing, some proofing… to help produce distance learning materials.

I have several years’ experience of editing an international science education journal. Today, I do my bit to make Wikipedia pages a little easier to read (giving me exposure to some very obscure subjects indeed), have tidied up OCR documents for Dickens Journal Online, and deciphered handwriting for the Transcribe Bentham project and the Horniman Museum.

I’m a physicist by training and still am in my head. Although I intended to follow a research path, after a couple of years as a post doc I stumbled into education, found I liked it and stayed there. I volunteer for my professional association (Institute of Physics) and other organisations as a ‘physics busker’ at public events.

Professionally, I’m interested in a wide range of topics including PDP, CPD, e-portfolios, non-traditional learners, communities of practice, digital badges, ‘openness’, etc., etc. Beyond that I enjoy anything that involves problem solving in its broadest sense and I love a challenge. This has got me into more interesting situations than trouble, suggesting that I was probably born lucky.

The views and opinions expressed in this blog are mine all mine, but shared under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence.

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