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Today’s meeting was an opportunity for Subject Centres to learn more about JISC’s Curriculum Design and Delivery Programme, in particular the Design Studio.

The day started by looking at the programme which comprises 12 projects running from October 2008 – July 2012. The projects are all looking at institution-wide curriculum design issues and how practice can be improved or enhanced across the institution, with regard for necessary discipline variations, making curricula more responsive, flexible and agile.

Transforming Curriculum Delivery through Technology comprises 15 projects, two in FE alone, spread across the disciplines (sadly, none in physical science.) The emphasis is generally not on the technology itself but how it is being used (so may involve using established systems such as the institutional VLE.) Initial findings show a commitment to listen to learners and engage with stakeholders (though this can be difficult to measure) and to consider a cost benefit analysis (which is challenging to calculate.)

The Design Studio is an evolution of a wiki for the Programme. It comprises the outcomes of the projects (assets) and a design cycle linking them. The assets are tagged so (currently) the visitor can work through the Design Studio either by segments in the design cycle or through the tags.  Representatives of Subject Centres have requested a way visitors can look at this work with a discipline perspective and ways this can be achieved will be investigated as the wiki is developed.

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