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Tag Archives: physics in the field

I’ve just returned from working at the Newcastle Mela where I was volunteering for the Institute of Physics (IOP). Entitled Physics in the Field, this volunteer programme from the IOP aims at getting physics and physicists out of the laboratories, classrooms, observatories and anywhere else it and they may be lurking and into the rest of the world.

Physics, as we know, is the science of… well… everything really, so you should be able to illustrate physics principles with anything. So out come the plastic straws (sound, vibrations), balloons (energy), coat hangers (wave motion), old paperbacks (friction), indigestion tablets (pressure) and bubble mixture (surface tension, interference, turbulent flow).

A great time was had by all I think, certainly I enjoyed it: how can you not enjoy having the opportunity to ask someone to wrap a piece of string around their finger and then stick their finger in their ear… in the interest of science, of course.

If you love something, share it, because extensive experimentation on my part has so far not revealed a conservation of enthusiasm principal.