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I’ve just enjoyed watching Blaise Aguera y Arcas’ TED talk on Bing’s augmented-reality maps, the kind of application it’s hard not to be very impressed by and access to could mean I get no useful work done ever again. I was particularly impressed by the way it brought together related data from different sources in a way that didn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed with information. (It also made me want to visit Seattle again.)

A reply to my message on Twitter from @deburca pointed to his blog post on Pivot, which looks similarly impressive in its way of enabling you to take large amount of data and make sense of it all.

Seeing the talk on Bing reminded me of the last highly impactive technology TED talk I saw on SixthSense, and I’m convinced that we could have all this if you could just create the semantic web for me. Please? You’re such a clever bunch, I know you can do it. I’d be very grateful and wouldn’t ask for anything else ever again.